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Let me break down what we are and what we are not.

What we are:

-Lovers of EVERYTHING Goblin!

-Creative RPers.

-Casual Players.

-People who enjoy compelling experiences and serious game depth.

-People who acknowledge the established canon of the Warcraft Universe.

-Are busy thoughout the week with jobs and responsibilities.



-People who love the gimmicks and lore of the goblins.

-People who enjoy the steam punk as much as the fantisy of WoW.

-A small, tight guild.

-People who believe in coordination and teamwork.

-People who appreciate the time and effort that goes into making GOOD RP events with depth.

What we are not:


-People who care about GS, purple gemming, having top of the line enchants.

-Theory crafters.


-Only goblins.

-Bloodelf Godmoders.

-Rage quitters.

-Determined to be a huge guild.

-People who want free mats and a free ride.

-An ALT babysitting service.


Bilgewater Security on Farstriders is a fresh goblin-themed guild that puts an emphasis in unique and creative RP experiences and a strong friendly social group OOCly. Raids are not going to happen but 5-mans and heroics can be done if enough are interested.  PvP is one of my favorite things but it is also not part of the guild focus.  Weekdays will be devoted to small scale RP events, and 5 mans while the weekends comprise of larger planned RP (possibly PvP) events. This is mostly a social guild.  If you fall into the category of what we are, you will have a happy home here.  If you fall into the category of who we are not, you will be kicked quickly.
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Anyone who 1. Takes RP seriously and 2. Loves everything gobliney (NEW WORD!) from WCII to Cataclysm will find a happy home here.
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